Cockroach infestations are one of the most common enquiries we get calls about, whether residential or commercial. We are sure many of you have woken in the night, entered your kitchen and found a cockroach party going on that you were not invited to! Your kettle, toaster and other home appliances create a great home to these creepy crawlies. Not only does it make our skin crawl, they can also cause damage and break appliances if not treated.

Often our first reaction is to spray them with whatever we can find in our cupboards. However, don’t forget the ones you see crawling through your kitchen is only a small percentage of the nest hiding somewhere else. So just spraying the ones you see will not solve your issue. We use various of approaches to combat cockroach infestations and to keep them under control. Photo below shows our sticky board left in a commercial kitchen for less than 24 hours. Check our our Facebook page for more photos and posts.