Five new species of brush spiders were discovered this July. It seems this should not create headlines world wide. However, one of the species sense of fashion caught the research team’s attention. Jutus karllagerfeldi – with it’s googly eyes and black and white pattern seems to have the same dress sense as late famous fashionista Karl Lagerfeld.

There is still a lot to learn about this type of arachnid. Due to their size, being only a few millimetres, they can be difficult to spot. If you are lucky to spot one, they are described as colourful, full of personality and excellent hunters. So what’s the downside about these beauties? Well.. They jump.¬† Unlike many spiders hunting through their web, jumping spiders actively hunt by tracking their prey and using calculated attacks. Male jumping spiders perform complex and unique dance rituals for their special lady, similarly to peacock spiders. Not only do they have impressive dance moves, males are also covered in colourful patterns to increase their chances with females.

As said earlier, we do not know a whole lot about these species. With this July’s discovery scientists and arachnologists are hoping they can find and share some more facts with the world in the near future.

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Karl Lagerfeld 1

Jutus karllagerfeldi  & Karl Lagerfeld. Can you see the resemblance? Photo borrowed from here.