Work with a view - termite inspection at the wharf

                  Work with a view

Is this a termite inspection or a holiday? Although we can confirm he is working, with a view like that work must not hurt as much. In the photo you can see our technician Matt conducting a termite inspection in Pyrmont. To fully inspect the technicians conduct an inspection both in and out of water. As a result, canoes are used to reach areas not otherwise reachable. This is only one example of the works we offer our commercial clients all over Sydney.

Did you know termites are often mistaken for ants, or vice versa? One easy way to differentiate the two is by looking at their bodies. Ants bodies are made up of three body parts where as termites only have two. Another way to see the difference is to look at their wings. Termites have four wings of the same size where ants wings are made up of two large wings and two small ones.

However, if identifying ants and termites with a magnifying glass is not your thing, we are always here to help. At KR Pest Control all our technicians are qualified and highly experienced in conducting termite inspections. We are fully insured and all our inspections come with a full report sent straight to your email inbox. How convenient!

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