Looking for an eco-friendly pest control service? You’ve found the right place! The most frequently asked question we get is: “Is this service safe for my child/pet?”

The answer is yes. Our technicians are extremely experienced in residential pest control and will always put our customers safety first. They know our company guidelines by heart and treat your home like their own. Also, we use the safest and most environmentally friendly options we can, wherever we can. However, there are many reasons why Sydney’s residents ask for an eco-friendly pest control solution. Whatever the reason, we have got you covered.

So, does eco-friendly mean less protection or poor quality service? Absolutely not! Check out the cockroach sticky board below which was used as part of an eco-friendly service. As you can see, very effective.

Whether you go for an eco-friendly option or not, you can be confident we have your family’s safety and the environment in mind at all times. Click here to read our FAQ’s.


Eco-friendly pest control services

Cockroach sticky board used as part of an eco-friendly pest control service.