What a great day yesterday was! Big boss Mark took the team out for a team building day in Rouse Hill. First up was a team photo shoot in the morning (how good does our ute’s look?!)

Up next was a few rounds of paint ball. Mark got a couple of shots to the back of the head, which he thought was a bit strange. The team came off the field with big smiles and some bruises to show off. Finally, we headed off to lunch at the Australian Hotel & Brewery for a good catch up and a nice cold beer. We had a chat about summer and all that comes with and made sure everyone is ready,

Why do we do team building day? It is extremely important to us to keep our team close. They all sit on many years of knowledge and experience which is shared with the rest of the team to ensure we do the best job possible where ever we go, no matter what the job. We also believe in happy staff means happy customers! Whether you are a residential customer in Kellyville or a commercial client in Sydney CBD, our staff will show up with a smile and treat your place like their own. Days like these gives our technicians the opportunity to just have a good laugh and bring us all together.

I’m sure some are a bit tender today (Scotty….) but definitely worth it. Up next is a few months of hard work before Christmas arrives. KR Pest Control’s team has got their seat belts on and are ready to tackle any jobs coming our way. Give us a call today or send us an email for a quote.

In the mean time, check out some of the photos from yesterdays shoot below, our good friend Danny from Mole Media did a great job!