Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing Services

Our team care about birds and animals residing within our communities, so when it comes to bird proofing our focus is to provide options and solutions to prevent birds settling down in specific areas.
Our team ensure that no birds come to any harm when we set up our bird proofing methods.

What are some of these bird proofing methods:

  • If a bird becomes trapped in a building, we use initiatives and techniques to capture the bird and free it back into the wild ensuring no harm comes to the bird.
  • Netting is a permanent way to minimise bird access into certain areas of a building. A net is placed in the desired location, preventing access for birds to nest.
  • Spikes are used to deter birds from perching and nesting on your property, under building eaves, or in any area that may be attractive to birds. The reason for placing spikes in these areas ensures birds are unable to nest and perch, without causing any harm to them.

The below images represent two different commercial job where bird spikes were installed at one location while wire lines were used as another deterrent to birds landing on the railings. Due to their high flexibility and varied sizes, spikes can be used on varying surfaces such as windows, pipes, ledges, and wherever birds may nest. Read about our previous bird proofing jobs here.

Who can we help?

We offer bird proofing solutions for everyone, in any location.
For instance, our bird proofing methods in residential homes may include spikes or netting.
Our bird proofing methods for an architect may include methods that ensure those clean lines of a building are retained, and the overall aesthetics of the building are not compromised.
Warehouse & Industrial bird proofing may incorporate a catch and release approach, netting or spikes, dependent on the type of warehouse and operations within the building.
Other places that may require bird proofing are areas such as daycare centres and schools, or government areas.


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