Pantry Moths


The Indian meal moth – usually referred to as the “pantry moth” in Australia – is one of the most common grain-feeding pests. It can be found in a wide range of dry foodstuffs, including cereal, flour, pasta, rice and bread.

Recognising the signs

There are a few telltale signs that would indicate pantry moth infestation. These include:

    • Finding webbing along the corners of dry food packages
    • Finding webbing on the dry food product itself
    • Noticing an unpleasant odour emerging from your dry food product
    • Discovering sticky secretions that cause grains to lump together

Additionally, if you spot small caterpillars or moths near or inside your pantry, this is another strong sign that a pantry moth infestation has occurred.

Prevention and treatment

There are certain steps you can take in order to prevent pantry moth infestation. Using glass containers, tightly sealed metal containers or hard plastic containers to store all food is a good start.

Additionally, seldom-used items should be kept in the freezer, and you should never mix old foods with new foods.

It is rarely advisable to use do-it-yourself pesticides when treating a pantry moth infestation. Rather, you should throw away any infested food and wash any affected containers thoroughly using soap and water.

If, despite throwing away infested foods, your pantry moth infestation remains, contact KR Pest Control today on 1300 577 378.