Buying or Selling Your Home


Before Selling

When it comes to selling your home a lot of buyers will do their due diligence and request a building & pest report, which is why it’s imperative to check if you have had a pest control report completed.

Take away the worry of seeing the results of an independent inspection and instead provide them with a certificate showcasing your continuous efforts to minimise pests around your home with our yearly pest spraying. If you’re a current or previous customer of ours then fill in the form below to request a statement of past pest control.

Or alternatively if you’re not a current customer of ours but looking to sell your home,
then taking steps to have your home inspected before you put your home or property
on the market is the best option every time. 

KR Pest Control can identify potential issues and address these immediately,
ensuring your home is in the best possible shape and ensuring you get top dollar for your property come sale time.

Before Buying

Of course, the same goes with buying a house or property. Before taking this next step, it’s paramount that you take all the appropriate measures to ensure the property meets your expectations. Termites, borers and other pests can cause significant – often irreparable – damage to a property, so protect yourself and consult professional advice from ourselves or another fully qualified pest control specialist to carry out your termite and pest control report. KR Pest Control is fully insured, licensed and qualified, and a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), meaning you can be certain you’re getting the best advice.

What You Can Expect

Environmentally Friendly Products

We use environmentally friendly pest control products to help protect our planet from further destruction. Plus, it’s safe for pets to come back into the house within 10mins normally during Summer months!

All Areas Are Covered

We cover all areas – nothing is excluded. We spray inside and outside your home to ensure those bugs aren’t coming in from certain spots. We service Auburn and surrounding areas.

Fast & Effective

You won’t need to leave your home for us to carry out our job – within Summer months the spray will dry within 10 mins.

Our Difference

Eco Friendly Products

We use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for children & pets. We care about our planets' future.

Commercial, residential & strata

From large commercial scale projects to residential home solutions and apartment building complexes, we have got you covered. Read more about our services here.

Looking for specific information?

Are you after specific information about a certain pest? Comb through our pest archive here.

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