How To Spot Termite Activity

A Termite Breeding Ground

We recently visited a customers’ home which was infiltrated with termites. Two common questions from our clients are 1. What signs do I look for to spot termite damage? 2. How do I prevent termites from attacking my home.

Read on to find out the answers to both of those questions so no unnecessary home renovations need to take place.

Firstly, what to look out for if you’re suspicious of termite activity…

The main sure sign of termite activity are mudding tubes. Mudding tubes are made of small pieces of soil and wood and are most commonly used by subterranean termites. These mudding tubes help protect termites from predators and dry environments while traveling between a food source and their nest. 

This particular customer initially had a powerpoint blow in the kitchen. The position of this powerpoint was on a shared wall to the bathroom. If it wasn’t for this simple electrical fault the termite infestation may never have been uncovered.

They then noticed mudding tubes behind the back of their shower, the same wall that backed the Kitchen. This prompted the home owner to remove part of the wall of their shower which confirmed their suspicion of termite activity. What we uncovered was monumentous with significant damage having been done by the termites living in the wall.

So, what is the reason that termites found a home behind the wall of the bathroom?

Termites love water and moisture so always ensure that walls are waterproofed correctly, and that all those leaky taps, downpipes, water tanks, shower waste, hot water and air conditioning units water flow are redirected away from the building and in working order. These make for some very conducive conditions for termites.

This particular home was a Heritage Listed home, meaning some areas were not waterproofed to the current standard of practice we need to adhere to today.

Keen to know what was the extent of the damage was?

The termites did significant structural damage to the walls by eating out the bracing timbers as you can see from the below photos. They managed to infiltrate the bracing timbers three quarters of the way up the wall, making for one very large feeding ground.

How did we treat the termites?

We treated this termite infestation with Termidor® Foam. Termidor Foam is a robust dry foam formulation that expands to fill termite nests, galleries and other active workings. Termidor Foam will permeate intricate termite workings and carton material without dissipating and turning to water as other foams tend to.

Termidor Foam should be applied directly to termite nests (including bivouacs) in trees, stumps, posts, power poles, mounds and wall cavities. Termidor Foam can also be applied to termite activity when the nest cannot be located, such as active workings in timber and wall cavities and in bait stations.

Is Termite Damage covered in your Insurance?

It’s only when we have something go wrong that we think to check if we’re covered under our Home & Contents Insurance Policy. This is why we always suggest to have your home inspected and treated for Termites every 12 months to show to your Insurance Company that you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure your home is protected. It’s always a good idea to ask your Insurance Provider if your policy covers your home for Termite Damage.

The team at Termidor know the impacts of Termite damage and so they’re here to help with their Warranty Plan, the highest level of termite protection. You can read more about the Termidor Warranty here.

Have you ever seen a Queen termite? They’re a rarity but we found one. Read about the Queen of the Castle here.

Termite Damage - KR Pest Control
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Termite Damage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an answer to a common question? Read through some of our most commonly asked questions.

Cockroaches (both large and small), spiders (all kinds) ants, silverfish and rodents.

All areas are covered in our pest sprays without exclusion. This will include all applicable areas externally, internally, gardens, pathways, letterbox, driveway, windows, eaves, guttering, weep holes, garage, sheds, cubby houses, washing lines, subfloor, roof void, storage areas and fences. We also use cockroach bait in kitchen cupboard hinges. We do not spray fruit trees or herb gardens, fish ponds and fish tanks. Please advise our technician of any area you would like excluded before commencement.

If the forecast is for rain it’s best to reschedule. We need enough time for the external spray to fully dry for it to be effective. If it is forecast to rain not long after the treatment we will call you to reschedule. If it is windy we may also need to reschedule as we cannot control our spray and it may pose a risk to our technician or your neighbours.

Generally, you can be home while we spray. We ask you keep some footwear on for at least two hours and stay inside. Pregnant women and young children must vacate for two hours.

Internally – We spray around all skirting boards, please move loose items at least 30cm from the wall or onto tables or beds. It is not necessary to move large pieces of furniture. The more coverage we can achieve the more effective the spray will be. We don’t use anything airborne internally so there is no need to cover benches or other sensitive areas. Externally – Ensure pet toys and bowls are put away, children toys should be neat and tidy all in the the one area so we can create a ‘safe zone’ that isn’t exposed to any spray. Please remove all washing from clothes lines.

Yes we ensure your pets are safe, our staff have tarpaulins on board for bird and rabbit hutches. We make sure pet bowls are turned upside down before we start spraying and ask for any pet toys to be put away. The pets can be stored in an area like the garage or laundry whilst the rest of the house is treated then released after one hour or alternatively if they can be taken out of the house for 1-2 hours, it will be safe when they return. During the warmer months the external spray dries within 10 minutes so if we start outside the pets can be let into the yard when we start spraying internally.

We ensure that your children are safe, this is achieved with safe practices and the use of the safest products used in the correct areas. No children’s play equipment or toys are sprayed with residual products. We have a non-residual aerosol we can use to treat spiders and other pests in these areas. We also have a company policy not to spray a house with anyone pregnant or young children inside.

No it is not necessary to clean the floors, our internal water based spray is microencapsulated meaning once it is fully dry it is safe, it is recommended you do not mop the floors for 48 hours after our spray.

We also offer termite inspections and treatments, possum control/removal, rodent proofing and bed bugs treatments, speak to our friendly staff for more information.


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