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What You Get

When it comes to pricing of pest control work, or termite inspections, we price our jobs fairly. We only use environmentally friendly products but that doesn’t mean it’s a more expensive product, it just means we care about the future of Australia. Below you will find our pricing, but here’s a summary of what to expect:

Competitive Pricing

KR Pest Control are dedicated in providing our clients with the highest standard of service, competitive pricing and an on-going partnership that ensures your home is bug-free.


Group Discounts

Do you have a neighbour that mentioned they’re looking to get a treatment done? Grab them, call us and we will organise a group booking discount!

Pensioner Discount

We are here to support our Seniors. Ask us about our Senior Citizen discount.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We use environmentally friendly products to help protect our planet from further destruction. Plus, it’s safe for pets to come back into the house within 10mins normally during Summer months!

All Areas Are Covered

We cover all areas – nothing is excluded We spray inside and outside your home to ensure those bugs aren’t coming in from certain spots.

Fast & Effective

You won’t need to leave your home for us to carry out our job – within Summer months the spray will dry within 10 mins.



General Pest Treatment

We provide you with a comprehensive treatment of all areas inside and outside of your home. We provide control & prevention from large cockroaches, spiders, ants & silverfish. Our spray is not only eco-friendly but it’s also safe for your family & pests.¬†Includes a 6 month warranty.

Rodent Control

We rodent bait your home inside & outside to ensure your home is free from those unwanted house guests, in addition, we will proof your home where possible. What does this mean? It means we try to stop them from gaining entry into your premises which provides a long-lasting solution.

Termite Inspections

Our termite inspections are conducted by licensed and insured technicians, we use Eco-friendly solutions in conjunction with preventative systems. We use the most state of the art equipment including thermal imaging cameras, termitrac and moisture metres. With every inspection, we supply a detailed report with photo’s along with our findings & recommendations. Every termite inspection is conducted in accordance with Australian Standards. Rest assured, if you have termites we will find them and contain them.

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