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These horrible parasites, which feed exclusively on blood, can live in mattresses, pillows, armchairs, cardboard boxes, curtain folds, behind loose wallpaper – basically, anywhere you can imagine around your home. Their feeding frenzies usually occur without being noticed, often through the night, meaning you won’t feel the effects until painful, itchy welts develop all over your body.

Additionally, bed bugs are nocturnal, flat and just 4-5mm in length, so they’re difficult for the human eye to spot – although, after a blood meal they become dark red in colour, which can make them easier to see. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, a good place to begin looking is along the seams of your mattress or the wooden slats of your bed frame.

Three “red flags” that suggest you have a bed bug infestation

1. You wake up with itchy welts.
Being nocturnal, bed bugs tend to strike at night. They prefer exposed skin, particularly around the face, neck and arms of a sleeping individual. Often, the bites will appear in rows of three.

2. You find red smears on your bed sheets.
Bed bugs are capable of feeding on up to seven times their body weight in blood, so much of their feed will be regurgitated, leaving dark red smears on bed sheets.

3. You find dead skin and droppings on your bed.
If you discover reddish gold shells around your bed, there’s a good chance you have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs shed their skin on average five times in their lives.

How to eliminate bed bugs

A bed bug infestation should never be taken lightly. They can quickly spread throughout your home, travelling on pillows, blankets and even pipes inside the walls. If you think you have bed bugs, please call us on 1300 577 378. All KR Pest Control technicians have been trained by the Department of Medical Entomology and have the highest qualifications in the best and safest techniques for bed bug eradication.

Pruning overhanging branches to ensure there is no easy access between trees and your roof.

Sealing any gaps or openings in your roof or eaves.

Keeping rubbish bins closed and ensuring food is not left lying around; basically, eliminating potential food sources.

Keeping the affected area well lit, as these nocturnal creatures do not enjoy light.

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