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Make sure you obtain a full pest inspection before renting, buying or selling a property.

Most Common House Pests

1. Termites – According to the Termite Archives, termites are commonly found throughout Australia particularly in urban areas or where eucalyp gum trees are highly prevalent.

AEPMA concluded that in 2021 an Industry Study commissioned by AEPMA estimated the average cost of termite treatment and repair damage to be approximately $10,000 per home.

2. Spiders – They’re not a pest that most of us like, and probably become quite nervous to be around. Not our team, we’re here to eliminate those nasty spiders from in and around your home where little fingers can get to. We all know not all spiders are harmful, in fact they’re useful for our ecosystem as some will catch mosquitoes which may carry certain diseases. Those ones we’re all very scared of are typically the ones to watch out for – funnerl web spiders and red back spiders being the two main ones. Fortunately, in Australia there hasn’t been a death relating to a spider bite since 1979! Why? Because an effective anti-venom for redback spiders was introduced in 1956, and one for funnel-web spiders in 1980.

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We use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for children & pets. We care about our planets' future.

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From large commercial scale projects to residential pest control solutions for the home and apartment building complexes, we have got you covered. Read more about our pest control services here.

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