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Bird mites can be found anywhere birds and their nests are located. It’s possible for thousands of these mites to accumulate on young birds while they are being reared in the nest. Then, when their hosts leave or die, bird mites need to find new hosts, and that’s how a home infestation can begin.

While bird mites cannot survive on humans alone – they’ll die after three weeks without a bird to feed off – that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Bird mites will bite humans and then likely move on once they recognise it as an inappropriate food source, but their bites can still result in rashes, irritation and itching and possibly infection to the victim.

Do you have bird mites in your home?

Bird mites are difficult to spot because they are clear in colour – except, of course, when they feed, after which time they gain a reddish to blackish hue due to the digestion of skin and blood.

Spring and summer are the most active seasons; their proliferation coincides with the nesting habits of birds. As long as the bird or nest source continues to exist in or near your home, bird mites will continue to be a danger.

Dealing with a bird mite infestation

It’s critical that the correct type of bird mite is identified before treatment; if the correct treatment method is not used, it may prove ineffective.

KR Pest Control is fully qualified and licensed to treat any bird mite infestations and has the knowledge to eliminate the problem entirely. If you have a bird mite infestation in your home, contact us today on 1300 577 378.

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