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Weevils – otherwise known as flour beetles – are tiny beetles measuring around 3mm in length. They are commonly found in dry pantry products such as flour, cereal, pancake mix and dry pet food.

Much of the time, weevil larvae find their way into flour products during the milling process. From there, adults can crawl in and out of sealed packages on supermarket shelves, infesting all sorts of dry foods that are eventually purchased and brought into the home.

The life cycle of a weevil

Adult females deposit their eggs directly into dry foods. They are capable of depositing a few eggs per day over a period of several months. Since these eggs are almost impossible to see, you often won’t recognise their presence until they hatch.

It takes as little as seven weeks for a weevil to develop from an egg to an adult, meaning it is not unusual to see more than five generations of weevils during a year. They are particularly prolific in warm environments.

Dealing with a weevil infestation

In order to eliminate weevils from your pantry, a thorough inspection is required. Any infested packages will need to be thrown in the garbage, and you will also need to vacuum the area to remove any stray food particles.

Once this has been done, KR Pest Control can apply insecticides to eliminate any remaining weevil population. This will include getting into cracks and crevices, which usually requires the application of special equipment.

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