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Lice are parasites that prey on most mammals, including humans.

Over 3,000 species of lice have been discovered, some of which rely on human hosts.

Types of human lice

There are three types of lice that prey on humans:

Body lice

These lice live their entire lives in human clothing and feed on areas where skin is soft. Body lice infestations can be diagnosed due to severe itching and red marks all over the body. In extreme cases, their bites can also lead to skin infection, headache and joint pain.

Head lice

The most common human lice infestation, head lice are generally found near the hairline or behind the ears. Their white eggs – known as nits – can usually be found closer to the scalp on individual strands of hair.

Pubic lice

Sometimes referred to as “crab lice”, these pests usually infest the genital region but can also be found in armpit hair and eyebrows. They are usually spread through sexual activity, though in rare cases they can be spread through contact with objects like toilet seats, sheets, or bathing suits at a store.

Human lice treatment

Pubic lice are best treated by your doctor, who will likely give you a prescription wash.

Body lice, which live mainly in clothing, can be eliminated by identifying and throwing out the affected clothing. If you strongly desire to keep the clothing, another option is giving it a thorough wash it in very hot water (i.e., at least 55 degrees Celsius) – but this is not guaranteed to be effective. Additionally, your doctor may recommend a prescription cream or wash.

Some head lice treatments, such as lotions and shampoos, can be bought in the store without a prescription and are often effective. If these do not work, your doctor may give you a prescription for stronger medicine. Additionally, the nits must be treated as well – these can be removed with a nit comb.

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