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carpet beetle

Of all pest beetles, it’s fair to say carpet beetles cause the most grief. Small and difficult for the naked eye to see, they nonetheless have the potential to cause severe damage around your own home.

Carpet beetles can infest your home from bird nests in the roof, within products you have brought home from the shops, or even in a bunch of flowers picked from the garden. Adults are small and oval-shaped, 2-3mm long and dark in colour – normally black. The larvae move slower and are 4-7mm long.

Carpet beetle larvae

It’s not the full-grown adults that cause direct damage, but rather the larvae. Adults feed on pollen and nectar, but larvae feed on a variety of things from wool carpets and other wool products to furs, hides, horns, feathers, hair and silk. They will also feed on cotton, linen and rayon if those fabrics have been soiled with juice, food or animal excreta.

Still, that’s not to say adults aren’t dangerous in their own right. They can mate and reproduce without feeding, and females can lay anywhere between 30 and 100 eggs. Eggs are laid in lint, behind and under baseboards, in floor cracks, or in other dark and protected locations.

Carpet beetle control tips

There are certain steps you can take to reduce the chances of carpet beetles appearing in your home:

Always dry clean or launder woolens before storing them

Store wool or silk items in tightly sealed garment bags

Vacuum your home regularly

Dispose of infested items

If you fear you have a carpet beetle infestation, contact KR Pest Control today on 1300 577 378.

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