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Pest birds, including pigeons, magpies, Indian mynas, sparrows, starlings and cockatoos can cause serious problems around your home. Successfully controlling pest birds has a number of advantages, including:

Safeguarding your home against bird damage and unsightly, unhygienic bird droppings.

Safeguarding you and your family against dangerous bird behaviour, such as swooping during mating season.

Elimination of health risks, such as salmonella from bird faeces.

Elimination of bird lice.

Bird Proofing

When it comes to pest bird control, we prefer the environmentally friendly and humane option of bird proofing.

By reducing access to harbourages where birds (especially pigeons) will roost, we can transform bird-infested car parks, balconies and rooftops into bird-free environments without causing any harm to the birds themselves. We do so in a neat and tidy way with a focus on discretion so that our proofing is almost unnoticeable.

Bird Baiting

Where proofing is not possible, there is another option: bird baiting. When KR Pest Control carries out a baiting program, we ensure that:

No native species of birds can access the bait.

The bait stations are placed in secure areas where no member of the public or any other animal can access the bait.

A site-specific licence is acquired from the Department of Parks & Wildlife.

All baiting techniques are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

If baiting is carried out correctly, little to no birds will die. The bait is designed to disillusion the birds; they will then emit a noise warning the other birds of danger, causing the flock to take up residence somewhere else far from the place where they heard the screeches.

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