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Fleas are common parasites that attach to the skin of hosts – usually your pets – causing extreme discomfort and, eventually, infesting your home.

Measuring 3mm in length, fleas are shiny and reddish brown in colour, and are visible to the naked eye upon very close inspection. While wingless, they are able to jump long distances.

If fleas are not treated quickly, they will lay eggs on their hosts; those eggs can then fall from the host, infesting carpets, furniture, bedding, etc. The eggs hatch to become larvae within two weeks; after another four weeks of their life cycle, adult fleas emerge and begin their hunt for food.

Do you suspect your house is infested with fleas?

If you have noticed your household pet scratching incessantly, contact your veterinarian or pest control professional – they will be able to identify whether or not your pet has a flea problem.

Bear in mind, however, that treating your pet on its own is unlikely to fix the problem; you must treat the source (i.e., your dog or cat) as well as both inside and outside of your home to ensure the problem is resolved.

And remember, even if your pet no longer appears to be suffering any discomfort, this does not necessarily mean the problem is gone. Fleas can remain dormant for months and even years, waiting for the right conditions to complete their life cycle and begin their food hunt.

Eradicating fleas in your home

KR Pest Control will use a pesticide teamed with a larvicide in order to eradicate fleas at all stages of their life cycles. The necessity for this combined application is a key reason why do-it-yourself treatments do not work.

Additionally, fleas thrive in warm areas, like long grass or under the house. One technique to slow them down is to keep your house as cool as possible with as much draught as possible. This can be achieved by opening windows and turning on fans or air conditioners.

It also pays to reduce clutter and vacuum regularly both before and after your treatment. If you fear you have a flea problem, contact KR Pest Control today on 1300 577 378.

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