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Closely related to grasshoppers, crickets are nocturnal insects that, while harmless to humans, are renowned for their extremely annoying chirping that can disturb our sleep and keep us up at night.

There are three common types of crickets, which differ in appearance and produce different and identifiable sounds:

House crickets: Light and yellowish brown in colour, they have three dark bands on their heads and measure less than in inch in length. Their chirps are long, continuous and shrill, and are only heard at night.

Field crickets: Brown or black in colour, they can grow to measure more than an inch in length. Their chirps are less high-pitched but continue day and night.

Camel crickets: Unlike the house and field cricket, the camel cricket is wingless. It’s named for its slightly humped back and long, spider-like legs. Camel crickets don’t chirp.

Cricket chirping

The annoying chirping sound is only made by male crickets and occurs during the mating process. The male rubs its forewings against each other to create a high-pitched sound in order to attract females.

Temperature is an important factor in the sound made by the cricket – in warmer weather, more continuous chirping is possible, which is why crickets are often more noticeable during the summer. Depending on temperature, the number of chirps produced by a cricket can range from 4 to 200 per second.

Cricket pest control

Crickets can be found anywhere in cracks, crevices, wall voids, basements, crawlspaces, fireplaces, and other such areas. They are also attracted to outdoor lighting, and are often known to enter the home through openings around lights.

A reduction of outdoor lighting or the use of low-pressure sodium vapour lamps or incandescent bug lights can be used in conjunction with insecticidal baits and sprays to help eliminate crickets around your home and, hopefully, prevent them from your interrupting sleep any further.

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