How to get rid of crickets

Helpful advice on how to get rid of crickets around your house and garden!

Let’s talk about a pest that is a symbol of wealth and good luck – the household cricket. Crickets are known for their loud chirping which is caused when males rub their front wings together to attract females.

How do you know if you have a cricket infestation?

The most common way to detect an infestation is if you find presence of crickets in the home.

They are drawn to warm, moist environments, so protecting gaps in windows and doors is important to keep those pests out. Another sign is chewed fabric, although you will need a magnifying glass to see these little bite marks.

Below are a few suggestions on how to get rid of those crickets in and around your hose and garden:

  • Turn off lights when not in use – crickets love bright lights, so if you’re inside, turn off lights outside and vice versa. You can replace white fluorescent lights with yellow-hued bug lights.
  • Seal entrances to your home – crickets love entering your house under doors or through open windows. If you have a door with a slight gap beneath it, use a barrier to block the gap which in turn will also keep your home insulated throughout all seasons.
  • Reduce moisture inside your house – crickets breed in dark, damp areas of a house so it’s always important to keep your house clean but also free of dampness.
  • Clean out your gutters – having clean gutters will minimise foliage being trapped in them which offers a nice spot for crickets to nest.
  • Maintain your garden – having a neat garden, with trimmed lawns, weeded garden beds and pruned trees will deter crickets from taking up residents in your garden.

How can we help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an answer to a common question? Read through some of our most commonly asked questions.

Cockroaches (both large and small), spiders (all kinds) ants, silverfish and rodents.

All areas are covered in our pest sprays without exclusion. This will include all applicable areas externally, internally, gardens, pathways, letterbox, driveway, windows, eaves, guttering, weep holes, garage, sheds, cubby houses, washing lines, subfloor, roof void, storage areas and fences. We also use cockroach bait in kitchen cupboard hinges. We do not spray fruit trees or herb gardens, fish ponds and fish tanks. Please advise our technician of any area you would like excluded before commencement.

If the forecast is for rain it’s best to reschedule. We need enough time for the external spray to fully dry for it to be effective. If it is forecast to rain not long after the treatment we will call you to reschedule. If it is windy we may also need to reschedule as we cannot control our spray and it may pose a risk to our technician or your neighbours.

Generally, you can be home while we spray. We ask you keep some footwear on for at least two hours and stay inside. Pregnant women and young children must vacate for two hours.

Internally – We spray around all skirting boards, please move loose items at least 30cm from the wall or onto tables or beds. It is not necessary to move large pieces of furniture. The more coverage we can achieve the more effective the spray will be. We don’t use anything airborne internally so there is no need to cover benches or other sensitive areas. Externally – Ensure pet toys and bowls are put away, children toys should be neat and tidy all in the the one area so we can create a ‘safe zone’ that isn’t exposed to any spray. Please remove all washing from clothes lines.

Yes we ensure your pets are safe, our staff have tarpaulins on board for bird and rabbit hutches. We make sure pet bowls are turned upside down before we start spraying and ask for any pet toys to be put away. The pets can be stored in an area like the garage or laundry whilst the rest of the house is treated then released after one hour or alternatively if they can be taken out of the house for 1-2 hours, it will be safe when they return. During the warmer months the external spray dries within 10 minutes so if we start outside the pets can be let into the yard when we start spraying internally.

We ensure that your children are safe, this is achieved with safe practices and the use of the safest products used in the correct areas. No children’s play equipment or toys are sprayed with residual products. We have a non-residual aerosol we can use to treat spiders and other pests in these areas. We also have a company policy not to spray a house with anyone pregnant or young children inside.

No it is not necessary to clean the floors, our internal water based spray is microencapsulated meaning once it is fully dry it is safe, it is recommended you do not mop the floors for 48 hours after our spray.

We also offer termite inspections and treatments, possum control/removal, rodent proofing and bed bugs treatments, speak to our friendly staff for more information.


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How to get rid of crickets?

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