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How Do I Remove A Possum From My Roof?

Possum Removal in Sydney

Sydney has a variety of Possum species, specifically the ringtail possum and the bush tail possum.


These types of possums preferably like the hollow of trees, where they nest and shelter themselves. However, due to the increase construction across Sydney, particularly areas such as Box Hill, Kellyville and The Hills region trees and natural habitat areas for possums is becoming less abundant, meaning these possum species start to take up residence in our roof cavities.


You might notice those little possums entering your roof during Winter as they try to find warmth, but regardless of the temperature, possum activities can occur all year round which is why the team at KR Pest Control can help you with your Sydney possum removal needs all year round.


How do I know if a possum is living in my roof?

There are a few ways to determine if a possum is living in your Sydney roof space. 


The first sign of possum presence in your roof is noise. As possums are nocturnal animals they have more presence during night, meaning your might hear scampering feet across your roof as you’re drifting off to sleep. You might find a pattern can occur with possums as they tend to create a routine and leave your home around the same time. 


Another sign of possums living in your Sydney roof is staining occurring on the roof from possum urine. Possum urine will leave not only a mark but a strong odour.


And lastly your pets will alert you to any possums in your roof or hiding in a wall cavity. Your pets will most likely be agitated and will either sit or pace near the area where the possum might be hiding.


How do possums get into my roof?


Possums can enter your roof through a variation of entry points and bridging objects.


Entry points may be gaps in your eaves for instance or roof tiles, and bridging objects might be wire leading up to your roof which allows possums to climb across. Tree branches over hanging your roof also offer a way for possums to enter your roof cavity.


So, the best thing you can do is walk around your home and check for entry points or holes that are as big as your fist – this is how much space they require to enter your home. 


We remove possums from homes everyday so we can spot the signs of possum activity and also share points on entry points. Call our team on to book your Sydney possum removal inspection today.


What can I do to minimise the risk of having possums enter my roof?


Firstly if you have any nearby trees, it’s always best to prune them slightly and within the allowable limits of your local council. This will remove the opportunity for possums to climb along these branches and enter your roof.


If you have a home that has wires that lead up to your house, call our team and ask for advice on how to remove possums from your Sydney roof.


We’re licensed and insured to conduct all forms of pest control. 

Thanks to the KR Pest Control team who came to assist me with my Possum Removal in my Sydney home. They used cameras to check where the possums entering.

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