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Why You Should Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

You’ve just spent a small fortune on those beautiful solar panels
only to find that some birds have moved in and made their nests beneath the panels.

If this is you, then we’re here to help.

We have a unique system that consists of mesh and specific clips that clip onto the solar panels. There is no drilling, hammering or nailing anything onto those solar panels. Why? Because doing so would cause damage. Solar Panels are not designed to have anything nailed or screwed into them, which is why our Exclusion Kit is safe to be fitted around your solar panels.

You can find out more about the AS/NZ 5033:2014 Solar Panels Code of Practice here

Birds nesting under your solar panels can be problematic and a nuisance for you.

Here are a few examples to convey why an exclusion system is paramount to the safety & longevity of your home:

1. Bird faeces can contribute to corrosion of your metal roof, making it important to ensure no nesting is taking place.

2. Bird faeces can contaminate drinking water or water that you’re using to harvest for watering garden beds.

3. A standard home with solar panels can hosue up to 20 birds, just imagine the noise bellowing through your roof!

4. Adding to the noise, there is also the element of birds causing damage to your roof, regardless of the roof material. Freshly painted roofs can also be exposed to higher wear and tear.

5. Parasites & the constant smell – they’re two elements that no one wants to think of, let alone smell.

How to book to have your Exclusion kit Installed

If you would like one of our friendly team to come out and organise to have our exclusion kit fitted to your solar panels, please contact us via the below contact form.

What Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels Looks Like


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