Work with a view - termite inspection at the wharf

Work with a view

Is this a termite inspection or a holiday? Although we can confirm he is working, with a view like that work must not hurt as much. In the photo you can see our technician Matt conducting a termite inspection in Pyrmont. To fully inspect…
Exterra termite bait box

Exterra: The world’s most effective termite baiting system

KR Pest control use only the most effective and environmentally friendly products on the market. When it comes to termite treatment or prevention from attack you can’t go past the Exterra Baiting and Monitoring System. Installing the system…
Exterra termite bait box

Exterra Bait Success

This Exterra termite baiting system we checked today is so far been a huge success, this entire bait box has been devoured by these termites in a period of only three weeks! At this rate the colony will be eliminated in 6 weeks!!
Termite damage to box with timber table inside

Don’t let termites eat your business

This box has a expensive outdoor table in it. Well at least it did until these termites decided to move in. Now all that is left is millions of termites who have completely destroyed the table inside past recognition. Regular termite…